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Our developer conference started today Webrazzi Developer 2019 continues in full swing. Doğan Aydın, CTO of Technology, one of the speakers of our event, told the story of the infrastructure transformation of a technology company reaching millions in Webrazzi Developer 2019.

Aydın stated that an initiative would convey its own infrastructure development. TeknasyoShared up-to-date data. Aydın shared that Teknasyon has 5 offices in 3 cities and that they have more than 200 employees.

In total, they are working on more than 90 projects sharing Aydin, more than 60 mobile applications developed and 96 percent of their income came from abroad, he added. Stating that many of the applications they developed were trends, Aydın also shared that they devoted their infrastructural transformations to periods.


Calling the first term Project-based team building period, Aydın shared that they established independent teams for the projects during this period. In this period, common code usage could not be made between the teams. According to the information shared by Aydın, maintenance and cost expenses were quite high.

Following the project-based team-building period, the second period, Boilerplate, was launched for Teknasyon. Although common code usage was higher during this period, maintenance and cost costs remained high. For this reason, the Framework period, which is the 3rd period, was started.

In the framework of the framework, common code usage increased. In addition to the use of common code, let's add that maintenance and cost costs are getting better. Finally, the 4th period was transferred to the Microservis service period. According to the information shared by Aydın, the desired success was achieved in this period and common code usage was at the highest level while maintenance and cost expenses were at the lowest level.

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